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Truckers Lawyers

A Professional Legal Plan to Fit Your Professional Needs 

A professional driver is different than a non-professional driver, therefore a professional driver needs a different type of lawyer. Truckers lawyers are CDL attorneys who specialize in keeping points off of your CDL. They know how different laws will affect you in different states, and are the best resource to have when it comes to fighting your traffic tickets. Truckers lawyers also know how your schedule works; you’re on the road 90% of the time and it might be difficult for you to make your court date. 


A Vast Network of CDL Attorneys Throughout the United States and Canada

As a professional driver, how do you find truckers lawyers that will be available to fight a traffic ticket you might receive? How do you inform yourself about their success rate, or their physical proximity to the court house? How do you separate the truckers lawyers with a positive reputation from the guys who are just out to make a buck? At Open Road Drivers Plan® we’ve done that work for you. Since 1989 we’ve been scouring the country looking for the best truckers lawyers around. From Canada to the United States, where ever your traffic ticket is received, Yuma, AZ to Bangor, ME you’ll have a local, qualified truckers lawyer to defend you in court. Our vast network of attorneys has over 5,000 members ready to defend you in the local court where your citation was received. Because our truckers lawyers are local to the jurisdiction where you received your ticket, they will already have a relationship with the judge, prosecutor and law enforcement. This helps aid them in getting a favorable outcome. In fact, we are proud to say our network of attorneys have a 90% success rate in getting your citations dismissed in full or reduced down to a lesser charge.  

Two for the Price of One Coverage

A legal plan is a great solution to making sure you’re protected while on the road, without having the cost of constantly keeping a truckers lawyer on retainer. That would get pretty expensive! At Open Road Drivers Plan, you have weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly payment options. Those membership fees cover you AND your spouse for any traffic citations you might receive. What that means, is whenever a truckers lawyer is needed, Open Road Drivers Plan picks up the bill! You do not owe anything when it comes to your legal fees. You will only be responsible for any court costs or fines associated with the outcome of the case. 


We Can Post Bail and Appearance Bonds for You and Your Spouse

Did you know Open Road Drivers Plan is also available to post appearance and bail bonds on you and your spouse’s behalf? Should you find yourself at a weigh station and unable to leave unless a monetary amount is paid, or a court will not relinquish a court date to you until you primitively post the fine amount, call Open Road and we’ll post it for you. You’ll immediately be able to hit the road again, or receive a court date then and there. How wonderful is that?

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